Magic: A walk outside

Go outside.

The world is way more than just the complicated mind.

Rays of sun that reach your face when you least expect.

Small shops that show something new since the last time you checked.

The sound of bikes and ringing bells.

The chirping of birds who wish you well.

Even smiling people catch your eye.

A friendly man nods as you pass him by.

You stumble upon parks you’ve never seen before.

Every windy path you enter, at this point you just want more.

Overwhelmed by all the impressions you sit against a tree.

Not thinking, just feeling you never were this free.

How could you have known if you would have stayed inside.

Trying to figure it all out by yourself, thinking this way you maintain your pride.

You so badly wanted to untangle every thought,

But as you did, you always seemed to get caught.

Who you are, what you do, nothing made sense.

Guess you just needed to give it a little air, become less tense.

Now you’re not walking but floating through the park and feeling as soft as a feather,

The birds seem relieved you finally found your way during rainy weather.

The song the rustling leaves sing calms your mind.

Whenever overthinking don’t doubt,

just get out,

and unwind.

X Magic

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